Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Response to my Anonymous Coward

Yesterday, I got a comment on this post from someone who apparently thinks she (or he) knows me.  Here's what she (I say she, because the verbiage used strikes me as female) had to say:

Stephanie,You conveniently forgot to mention how old you were when you had sex..... Got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl out of wedlock! Your mother attempted to protect you with loving advice that turned out to be on point....(Not slighting your daughter in anyway[sic]) YOU are a hypocrit's [sic] hypocrite! I mean that in a loving way.... Don't get it twisted..... If you can dish it out... You should be able to take it! Sorry... You may be able to fool the unaware.... But you can't fool Jehovah! One other thing..... Eve was perfect (unequivocally brilliant just as her husband) when as you stated she was deceived by Satan.... You are six thousand years removed from her in imperfection and in lack of intelligence.... But all of a sudden YOU have it all figured out? (Pun intended) You have not been deceived by the same clever person who happens to be 1000 times more brilliant than Eve and 100,000 times more intelligent than us? Stephanie. ..... Your mother loves you dearly..... Much more than you are willing to admit at this time.... You are hurt.... You are lashing out.... You are still very young and have lots to learn.... Time heals..... Allow that to take place. You may never re-up your relationship with your family or Jehovah which is frightening within itself.... But you will realize The Truth as Eve did..... He said they would die and they are dead! Will that be your realization? I remember seeing you and your beautiful daughter at the 2009 or 10 convention in Fort Worth.... Happy to see that you were tending to your spiritual needs and that of your daughter..... Don't let your new husband ( Jehovah and your family have known you longer and much more so) and your unforgiving emotions prevent you from giving your two daughters a chance to make a choice as you have... Remember as you said to check consumer reports....or the blue book value.... Because the stance you have taken would not afford them the same luxury. ....I have NOT said any of this to offend you or start a debate..... Unless I have overlooked.... I don't see any opposing views..... And I hope you will not remove this one.

Well, since you decided to leave this heavy comment and "conveniently forgot" (to use your brilliant terminology) to stand by your ridiculous accusations by leaving your name I have chosen a fitting pseudonym for you: Coward.

So, Coward, you asked that I not remove your comment.  Not only will I allow it to remain, I am posting it here for the world to see. Because, you see, I have nothing to hide.  Clearly you do, though, or you would have been woman enough to lend credibility to your statements by telling me who you are.

So, let's break this down point by asinine point.

You conveniently forgot to mention how old you were when you had sex..... Got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl out of wedlock!  
I conveniently forgot? Are you serious?  Never once have I denied the presence of, and absolute true beauty of my firstborn. Everybody is privy to this fact. I had sex for the first time at 18 and had my oldest daughter at age 19. Yes, as a legal ADULT. What exactly does my age have to do with it?  The fact is this: I was completely unprepared for the world outside the Watch Tower cult.  Witnesses children are told so many ridiculous things about sex, even questioning the normalcy of being attracted to the opposite sex.  I am not sure what point you are trying to make here, but you failed--miserably. 

Your mother attempted to protect you with loving advice that turned out to be on point....(Not slighting your daughter in anyway[sic]) 
Protect me from what, exactly?  If you are saying she tried to protect me from having my daughter, then you are slighting her in every way.  You are insulting her very existence. 
And what loving advice do you claim to know she gave me? You mean loving advice to NOT go to college? Loving advice admonishing me that it was abnormal to be attracted to the opposite sex? And then "lovingly" trying to tell my daughter the same thing? Lovingly blindsiding me with elder visits every time I had an associate (even a FEMALE friend) that wasn't a Jehovah's Witness? Oh and after getting pregnant, again lovingly calling some elders that I had never even met without even telling me? Only to have them perversely quiz me about the positions we used, how many times I had an orgasm, how much heavy petting there was, and if he touched my breasts?  Yeah. Okay. 

Again, the fact is, Jehovah's Witness children are grossly uneducated, controlled to a fault, and not given any real world application for any doctrine. My mom's "loving advice" was to do exactly as the elders say. Even so much as to protect a molester from punishment.  Wow, Coward--you really do know nothing.  

YOU are a hypocrit's [sic] hypocrite! <--this statement is meaningless. when you follow it with--> I mean that in a loving way.... 
I'm a hypocrite?  How, exactly? I have put my story and situation out there for the world to see, and put my name to it.  Yes, I had a baby at 19, but what exactly does that prove? She's an amazing girl and she and I are as thick as thieves...What about that is hypocritical?  It is hilarious that you can hurl such an absurd insinuation at me without even copping to who you are. Again, you're a coward, and by far, the only hypocrite in this situation.  

Don't get it twisted..... If you can dish it out... You should be able to take it! 
I am taking it. I have no problem with criticism, if there's actually a point being proven.  In this case, there isn't. 

Sorry... You may be able to fool the unaware.... But you can't fool Jehovah!  You're right. I can't fool Jehovah. Because he doesn't exist.  As far as fooling the unaware, again--what exactly are you referring to? The only thing you've mentioned thus far is having a child without being married.  Everyone knows this already. They also know about the subsequent Judicial Committee I sat in at age 19, being questioned by perverts. Did you think you were exposing some sort of breaking news? Again--fail. I suppose you should be used to failures since the corporation to which you are enslaved regular fails in both prophecy and doctrine.  

One other thing..... Eve was perfect (unequivocally brilliant just as her husband) when as you stated she was deceived by Satan.... 
From where are you getting this information? Where does the bible say Eve was unequivocally brilliant? And furthermore, when have I ever said that Eve was deceived by Satan? You're kidding me, right?  

I have said numerous times that:
a) The Adam and Eve story is nothing more than a myth  
b) When you look closely at this myth, you find that Eve wasn't deceived at all.  She was told the TRUTH by a serpent.  Nowhere does Genesis say the serpent was Satan.  
c) Eve was NOT intelligent.  Neither she, nor Adam even knew right from wrong until they ate from the tree of KNOWLEDGE of GOOD AND BAD. They didn't know they were even naked. And what does Genesis 3:22 say?  Your god says 'oh wow look at them, now they are just like US knowing good and bad (serpent told the truth).  Let's banish them before they stretch out their hand and eat from the tree of life and try to live forever.'  God never purposed for them to live forever anyway... UNLESS they ate from the tree of life.  Get your facts straight, Coward.  You're sounding more and more foolish with each sentence.  Your elders would be so proud.

You are six thousand years removed from her in imperfection and in lack of intelligence.... But all of a sudden YOU have it all figured out? (Pun intended) First off, that wasn't a pun. At all. Boy, you're really proving the perils of foregoing an education, here.  

Secondly--you honestly think that humans have only been around for 6,000 years?  Well that explains a lot.  I just about fell out of my chair laughing at this scatterbrained lie, nonsensically guised as a point. Homo sapiens (the scientific term for humans) first appeared on the scene approximately 200,000 years ago. You were so close! Only about 194,000 years off... All the while further emphasizing the point that Jehovah's Witnesses have no education whatsoever.   

But to answer your question, yes I am more intelligent than Eve, because Eve didn't exist.  And even if she did, I don't need a mythical tree to use my brain. I certainly don't need to eat a fruit in order to distinguish when I am being deceived, which is precisely why I left your cunningly fraudulent cult.  Furthermore, just from an evolutionary standpoint alone, humans today are more intelligent than the first (though, your lack of mental acuity is causing me to question that theory), which is why we have had so many scientific and technological advances, such as the car you drive, and the computer you used to type your laughable diatribe. 

You have not been deceived by the same clever person who happens to be 1000 times more brilliant than Eve and 100,000 times more intelligent than us? Once again, I don't believe your god Jehovah exists, which also means, I don't believe his boogeymen (Satan and his demons) do either.  But it bears repeating--in the Adam and Eve myth, the serpent did not deceive Eve.  It told the truth. Your god lied. So your equations equal exactly ZERO.  

Stephanie. ..... Your mother loves you dearly..... Much more than you are willing to admit at this time....
My mother has no idea what love is.  She is living under the Watch Tower mandated affection with conditions.  Even without the addition of that cult in our lives, she didn't ever show me much love.  Mostly because she didn't know how.  She wasn't shown much love by her dad and was completely warped by her upbringing.  As was I.  I just decided to take matters into my own hands, instead of leaving it in those of an imaginary deity.   

You are hurt.... You are lashing out....
Yes, I am hurt. Lashing out? No way.  If you know me as well as you think you do, then you would know what I am capable as far as lashing out.  What I am doing is giving people some knowledge they may not have.  What I am doing is encouraging people to think for themselves!  They have incredible brains... I am encouraging individuals to use them.  It has nothing to do with getting back at anyone, and everything to do with helping myself and others. 

You are still very young and have lots to learn.... Time heals..... Allow that to take place. You may never re-up your relationship with your family or Jehovah which is frightening within itself.  
What is frightening is the fact that I have to abandon actual science, and go back to a destructive cult that believes that humanity started 6,000 years ago, and that Jerusalem fell in 607 BCE, protects child molesters, and flip-flops on the generation not passing away-- in order to have a relationship with my family.   

What is frightening is the fact that because I decided that your cult is not appropriate for my life, my family is commanded to shun me. Not by god, but by eight men in Brooklyn.

What is frightening is how long I was forced to be a part of a deceptive, thought pillaging organization even after I realized I didn't want anything to do with it.  

The thought of not having a relationship with a make-believe man in the sky doesn't frighten me.  What frightens me is seeing quotes like this in your November 15, 2013 Watchtower, page 20:  
"Lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. Now is the time for any who may be putting their trust in secular education, material things, or human institutions to adjust their thinking."   So no matter what instruction you receive from your masters, the Watch Tower Society--you must obey it.  You must abandon all your education or knowledge and blindly obey.  Even if you know it is unsound. Now that is frightening.

But you will realize The Truth as Eve did..... He said they would die and they are dead! Will that be your realization? 
That's all you've got?  "He said they would die and they are dead!" <cue uncontrollable laughter> In the myth, god told them in the day they ate the fruit, they would die.  What a scare tactic.  Sounds eerily similar to what the Watch Tower Society is telling you.  However, did they die the day they ate the fruit? Nope. They became just like god.  Eventually, they did die, though.  Just like every other living thing does when it reaches the end of its life.  However, god was a little off on his math... Turns out they lived another 930 years, give or take. 

And yes, that will be my eventuality.  I will die one day.  So will you.  The sad part is that you truly think it's feasible that you will be resurrected along with literally billions of other people worldwide that have died over the hundreds of thousands of centuries of human existence.  It saddens me that people like you, my mother, and my brother are giving your one chance at life in controlled service to a corporation propagating such nonsense.  You will spend the rest of your days awaiting a day that will never arrive.  I am truly disheartened for you.  

I remember seeing you and your beautiful daughter at the 2009 or 10 convention in Fort Worth. 
Wow, this is getting creepier and creepier.  Well, I suppose I should be glad you're such a fan.  

Anyway, I was at a convention with my mother in 2009, because I wanted to support HER, and really TRY to do something to improve our relationship. Sadly, I could barely sit through it without nausea and bile rising in my throat.  You are speaking about things you absolutely do not know. Oh and by the way, who are you, Coward? Lots of judgment and damning going on here, with no name associated with it.  

Happy to see that you were tending to your spiritual needs and that of your daughter.....
Again, you truly know nothing.  I am guessing that you know my mother at least somewhat.  If so, she will be the first to tell you that I have never bought into that religion.  She uses the phrase "Stephanie never made the truth her own," regularly.  You should ask her.  

Leaving the Watch Tower cult was my tending to my spiritual needs and very much the needs of my daughter. 

Don't let your new husband ( Jehovah and your family have known you longer and much more so) and your unforgiving emotions prevent you from giving your two daughters a chance to make a choice as you have... Remember as you said to check consumer reports....or the blue book value.... Because the stance you have taken would not afford them the same luxury. 
Are you saying what I think you're saying?  That I should afford my children the opportunity to become mentally enslaved to your cult?  That I should give them the "luxury" of conditional love?  That I should expose them to innumerable falsehoods? Wow, there was a lot of malarkey in your tirade, but this takes the cake.

My children were a huge part of the many reasons I left.  I have a responsibility to teach them to use their minds, to use their intuition, and to gain actual knowledge. I have a duty to my children to ensure they believe they can do and be anything in the world. I would be doing my daughters a huge disservice raising them in that cult.  A cult that literally hates women.  A cult that teaches that females are less than men, and should respect and obey only those who possess penises.  Get out of here.  Just the very thought of it sickens me.

My husband and I are teaching our children how to research, and come to their own conclusions.  My oldest just did an entire research paper about the numerous gods and deities that predate Jesus, but have exactly identical stories surrounding their births and lives as your dumbed-down Americanized fictional hero--Jesus. My children are not commanded to believe this or that--or else.  They are afforded the opportunity to think for themselves. Which is all I've ever wanted for myself, and for those I love. 

I have NOT said any of this to offend you or start a debate
Wow, for a supposed Christian, you really lie a lot.  You definitely said these things to offend me.  And if you know me as well as you claim, then you definitely would know the result.... 

Unless I have overlooked.... I don't see any opposing views..... And I hope you will not remove this one. 
You didn't look hard enough.  There are definitely opposing views. I welcome them.  Can you say the same? I doubt it.
The summary is this:  You came to my blog and left a long, very offensive comment. You claim to know me, but just like the rest of your Jehovah's Witness brethren, remained anonymous.  Why? I know exactly why. It's because you are scared of being called out by your owners, the elders.  You're specifically commanded to stay off of any other websites that criticize the cult, and you went against your orders. You're hiding behind the veil of anonymity, not because you are afraid of disappointing your god...your god reads hearts right? He knew you were going to write that comment before you typed the first word. You've already sinned with him, and that's okay with you.  What you're really afraid of is sinning against your true masters.  The Watch Tower Society.  You're sad in the most duplicitous way. You're spineless.

If not, then leave your name.  It's only fair.  You can spout all these fallacies here,  at least stand by them. If you truly believe what you wrote here, then make it credible.  Tell me who you are, and how you know me. I'll even sweeten the deal.  You don't even have to leave your name here.  If you know me, then text me who you are. Email me. I'm sure you have my contact information, or can obtain it from my mother.  Tell me who you are privately so your rulers won't know.  It's clearly the men you're worried about, not god. So I challenge you to that.  I doubt you will, though.  As I said before, you are just like every other witness. No backbone.  You make all kinds of strong statements but can't even back it up enough to put your name next to your beliefs.  Prove me wrong. I dare you. Coward.


  1. Oh brother! Only a JW would think the information in that comment was scandalous or made your points about the WBTS and JW's any less truthful.

    But hey, class move anonymous JW!

    Just another piece of evidence that JW's don't even know HOW to be good people, nor recognize their own atrocious behavior.

    1. And all of what she posted above isn't atrocious behavior?? Keep taking pictures of what is in front of the camera.... What is behind the camera is not pretty or classy! Smile.... Your on Candid Camera!!!!

    2. No, it is not, she is merely responding to your fallacies and misunderstandings.

      Also: *you're

    3. Fallacies...... Misunderstandings..... Confusion....Betrayal.....Deception..... You know yourself well Joshua Fooley....

      Go stand in the corner..... Spell check first...

      I was relating to ALL of her behaviors.... Not just above.. You're wrong! Understand better?

      But you couldn't understand anything the 3 minutes you were awake at the Hall....

    4. You belong in a mental institution.

      You changed Joel's last name to SHITzinger (should JWs be cursing?), you changed Ganyemeade's to Gay-meade, and now Joshua Foley to FOOLey. How old are you? If you're older than 10, you should be locked up in a psych ward immediately. Oh wait, you are already are. The WTBS.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Boredom C,

      Oops. ..my spell check failed my again.... But it's funny how you are holding witnesses to higher morals and standards... Is it because you now have none? Or is it because your mental state did not allow you to avoid hypocrisy and indecision?

      I will say one thing.... You guys are real good spell/grammar checkers.... If you paid the same amount of attention to the meeting and the literature when at the Kingdom Hall and conventions you might still be honorable vessels...Same to you OvertlyEvil9792...Say what you said about five times as quick as you can....

    7. If you paid the same amount of attention to the meeting and the literature when at the Kingdom Hall and conventions you might still be honorable vessels...

      I left BECAUSE I paid attention to what was said at the meetings and in the literature. I left because it was wrong. I had enough with false information so I finally did some research, and what I found was quite disturbing. I can't believe I at one time bought into that cult.

      I will say one thing.... You guys are real good spell/grammar checkers....

      This seems to be the only criticism you are capable at leveling at us that is not a direct insult, and it is not even the point.

      Explain to us why we should believe in your god. Explain to us why the Witnesses have the truth even though they have predicted the end of the world several times and have obviously been wrong each time. 1914 is based on the JW assertion that Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in 607 BCE when we have a ton of evidence pointing to 586/7 BCE. This evidence comes from a few different sources that all point to the same time. The Babylonians kept good records. They also kept astronomical data: the position of the planets, etc on specific days. We can use physics to calculate where the planets were on that day, and guess what, it matches! It matches with 586/7 BCE not 607 BCE. The Witnesses' defense when called to account on this seems to be "it invalidates 1914 if it's not 607, so it has to be 607" instead of realizing, oh hey, maybe we're wrong.

      Now I'm not quite sure why I'm responding to you since you have proven yourself over and over to be willfully ignorant, but instead of insulting people (by which you are going completely against what your religion teaches) why don't you respond to the actual points that I and others have brought up here and elsewhere in the comments. I haven't got one actual response from you that wasn't mocking me or criticizing me for pointing out your glaring grammar problems.

    8. Wow... anonymous u are so.drama. u believe what u want and let us believe what we want. I was raised as a witness and my mother was the worst parent alive I went to the brothers and instead of helping me they helped her and I was beaten for it!!! Get real! U people need help

  2. Stephanie, The longer I am out of this cult the more I see how held back they are from lack of education in productive pursuits. They are as rude and as adherent to man made rules as the Pharisees and Sadducees of their Bible. The are nothing more than racist and hateful to their fellowman with a slick smile when they come to their doors but all the while waiting in anticipation for their god to strike us all dead so they can live happily ever after. Good for you for exposing this coward for what they are.

  3. That was fun. Loved your closing remarks, ain't that the truth.

  4. I love the way you set out each item point by point. Thank you for emphasizing not only their evil protection of molesters, but also their intent to minimize and trivialize women. I seriously believe they go hand in hand, by the way. Anonymous Coward, you got pwned! Oh, and by the way, if you ever break free of the conditioning AC, you are going to be so deeply embarrassed by your own words.

  5. Excellent read! I've been out for a year now(out of the closet too). I couldn't be happier. Forget the haters. Like you said, they are all spinless cowards. My sister and my mother treat me the same. They use the straw man argument by saying I never really made the troof my own. They knock out my credibility in their minds. At this point, I don't care. Whatever helps them sleep at night.

  6. Geezzz what a nut ball. Talk about judging. Hmmm are you not suppose to do that? I am so glad to be out of that cult. Boy is that person in for a rude awakening very soon. They have no idea that we live in a matrix and we have been lied and deceived about everything in life. It goes deeper than what they know. They have no idea but ohhh they will. Sorry but your god Jehovah is a mason God. Our creator is source and he gave us free will . That is freedom to choose as you want and live as you want. He does not judge and sin does not exist its Karma that will get you back so you better be careful what you put out or it will come back to you. Stephanie someday will prove you wrong and someday your going to be coming back to her telling her she was right you were wrong. I am sure she forgives you because you got that cult deeply engrained in you. I just hope you wake up the way I did which was quick. I hope your veil is lifted soon.

  7. Great responses. I really enjoyed reading this. You are completely correct in who she is hiding from, certainly not Jehovah, but the WTBTS.

  8. Stephanie, excellent example in your own when someone fronts. The only thing I may contribute is a question for "Coward":

    "Coward", what WatchTower Tract Society publication may I find the brilliance and intelligence scales used to come up with your data of "1000 times more brilliant than Eve and 100,000 times more intelligent than us?"?

    "Coward" you lost 99% credibility with me when you tried to front Stephanie. You lost the other 1% using the same tactic WTS uses to teach its members, pull "facts" from thin air. - William E. Enoch, Sr.

    1. It's called hyperbole.... Christ used this technique while teaching..... Sleepy much? Say goodnight Gracie!

  9. Anonymous coward, I'm sure you are reading this. You should go confess to the elders right now...You know Jehovah knows what you did, and he is going to tell the Governing Body, and they are going to tell the overseers, and they are going to tell the elders, and the elders will disfellowship you as an example of what happens when you go on the internet and do a No-No.
    AC you know that what Stephanie said is true, there is no Jehovah, there are no demons, there is only 8 little men controlling the puppet strings of your life. You are just jealous that she had the courage to cut her strings and live life to the fullest. Instead of being a slave to a publishing company in New York. If the GB-8 really believed what they were telling you would they have broken ground on another building project that won't be ready for 5 years.
    And feel free to respond to me, too. Only get some help, it's so hard to talk with a person with a single digit IQ.

    1. Joel Shitzinger. ..... Did you not go to the bathroom today cause you knew you would have to go tomorrow? I know..... You need an explanation don't you? Get some help from the misfits... Because my single digits are above your Zero!!!

      The GB prepares not only for today but for eternity..... You were sleep at the meetings as well or maybe just a little too into coloring books....Can you say all play and no work made you incoherent?

    2. Shame Maxwell's picture says it all. ... You don't have a clue....obviously!

    3. We have only one clue and that is that you Bro. Anonymous are an asshole. You, of course know you are not supposed to be in here talking with us apostates. Jehovah is watching you. Have you're say. Obviously you need to feel like shit and you want to project it on to others. Not buying it.

    4. Joel &quot;Bull&quot; ShitslingerSeptember 4, 2013 at 4:27 PM

      Thank you Anonymous Coward, for your reply and your insults. You really showed the conditional love present in all of God's followers. And just for the record my first kid is named Bull. But please state your name for the record, so that I may mock it as well. LOL, no I won't stoop to that, I'll let the 3rd graders do that. Do you honestly think that you are the first to come up with that...too bad your single digit IQ didn't give you the mental capacity to come up with "Shitslinger." The first graders that I went to school with came up with that by the end of the first day.
      Now then back to your question: Yes I did go to the bathroom today, yesterday & most likely tomorrow, and for the next 40-50 years of my life. So your question is as obtuse as anything you've said. It's funny, I don't need answers, I already know the answers. My questions to you were and still are rhetorical. They were more to help you open your eyes to the real certitude of what the Watchtower claims to be "The Truth". If you invest 20 minutes researching the history of the JWs, you would know that the governing body is manipulating you. Oh but that's right you're not allowed to look at that information or you'll make jehovah sad. But wait, here you are talking to known apostates, in for a penny in for a pound, go for it take your head out of the governing body's ass and research. I'll even help get you started jwleaks.org , AAWA.co , Silentlambs.org or you can go on worshiping the holy 8, putting your trust in 8 men, singing praises to the faithful & discreet slave. Makes no difference to me. If you have a daughter or a son, I feel sorry for them. But I'm sure there are no pedophiles or rapists or abusers in your Kingdom Hall. Your Elders would never hide that information from you, UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER ELDERS WERE INSTRUCTED TO DO BY THE GOVERNING BODY IN EVERY CONGREGATION AROUND THE WORLD.
      You know at least when I left back in '84, the JWs were fun to talk to, they had open minds and were rational. I guess the ones who could actually smell the bullshit already left. Leaving the Mentally challenged to feed on the fecal matter as it rolled downhill from the tower. At least the children are getting smarter. Did you know that the JWs have the lowest retention rate of any other religion in the world? only 37% of JW kids remain in the religion upon reaching adulthood. (that was rhetorical too, I already know you didn't know that)

    5. Anonymous Coward, in case your dilapidated brain hasn't noticed already this is Kaeli, the daughter who apparently shouldn't be here if my mother would've followed her mother's "loving" advice.I actually wasn't even going to say anything to you but, you're just a little out of line bringing my "loser" family into it. Anyways, that's besides the point, I have just come here to address that you and your heinous insults should not even be on this website in the first place and you call MY MOTHER a HYPOCRITE? Are you serious? And then you come up here calling people names that aren't even clever. If you're going to try to insult someone at least make it funny... But, you didn't. Oops your fault. All in all, you got your ass handed to you in the above blog post, now run back and repent to your Elders for being on this site. You make me sick.

      P.S. I know a lot have already mentioned this but please, if you're going to argue then get your spelling and grammar correct. Please and thank you, goodbye.

  10. Stephanie,

    Bravo! Brave and hateful ones!!!! Stehanie..... You had to gather a clan of support! You've done well! Your still a hypocrite's hypocrite! Ask yourself how long were you looking for a JW husband for yourself until you found the loser your with now? HYPOCRITICAL!!!! WHY? Because all this time you SAID you knew all along it wasn't the truth.How did Jehovah lie if He doesn't exist? How was Satan telling the truth if he is fallacy as well? HYPOCRITICAL THINKING! WHY? Well. .. your so smart figure it out....So..... Be smart enough to say what you really mean Ms. Scientist all of a sudden.... It is a fact there are no facts..... Or it is true that that there is no truth..... INTELLECTUAL YOUR ARE? Maybe at one time..... WHY? Because then you turn around a nd quote as facts and truth that man has been on earth for 200,000 years???? And you believed HIM some man with a penis over Your Creator? WHY? HYPOCRITICAL THINKING!You were sleep when your mother brought you to the meeting and you half way awake now.... Or you would know that a day to Jehovah is a thousand years. ... 2 Peter 3:8..... Adam lived 930 years and died! Yep that's within a day! But wait.... You don't believe in the Bible... So again why should you care to quote inaccurately? BECAUSE OF YOUR HYPOCRITICAL THINKING!Adam and Eve was told by Satan that if they ate of the fruit they would know good and bad and be like God..... Only part of this was truth.... That they would know both good and bad... Because previous to this being perfect and obedient humans they ONLY knew good..... Once they in fact ate of the forbidden fruit. ... That is when they knew bad as well... Again.... It's ok... You were sleep or disinterested or both.... They did in fact know what Jehovah and His Son knew already..... But obviously they did not become like God..... They died! Or did you think Jehovah needed to eat from the tree of life as well to live forever??? Totally blew you theory out the water..... I know.... I know.... You don't understand.... Go back and read and listen to what you have exclaimed.

    1. Why are you so unhappy? Where is the love Jehovah's people are supposed to show? That's right, it goes away simply because someone stops believing what they did when they were baptized, many as children.

      Living in fear makes you unhappy and controllable, and you can't stand seeing that there is happiness outside of the publishing company.

    2. Your not happy Roman..... If you are then what your saying is turning your back on your family and friends..... People who love you made you HAPPY? STOP LYING TO YOURSELF.... Did Stephanie look happy when she was crying in her video representation of "The Good Will Hunting"? No one is forced to serve Jehovah as you have proven..... You leave at anytime..... Obviously if you stay your happy, if you leave YOU are sad!! In all sense stress.....

    3. Anonymous, You sound like a ugly chick from the trailer park that never had a man. If you r a man then you should be ashamed of yourself, because you sound like the biggest pussy alive.

      If you are a woman, you are jealous. Too much emotion not to be. Let me guess, stephanie has longer hair than you, prettier skin, prettier kids? You sound like a hater and no one is taking you seriously. you hate yourself. Get a life.

    4. anonymous coward, go find you a cute black man and then you will be happy. you hate your life, and you want to attack stephanie because deep down you think she is better than you. this is more than about a religion or about god. you are showing this is personal. you sound like your in love with her or something. did she reject you at some point? you just sound stupid.

    5. Mary(woman) Jonas(man)..... Your an Hermaphrodite! Get it? Your feeling kind of complicit aren't you? I'm sorry.... I need to write you a prescription too....

    6. Hehe I need to comment to this post too, but I am actually at loss for words, NOT because i don't have "accurate knowledge" of God's word, BUT because someone who claims to be a Witness has an attitude I dont't even see in "wordly " people! You are someone who is lost and can't admit it, you insult people because you see the grass is greener on the other side and you are stuck in your robotic brainwashed phase still, well you have power of your own mind so I suggest using that power and finally taking control of yourself and not letting the governing body do it anymore cause it doesn't work for you, hell it didn't work for us either! Just sayin'! =)

    7. Anonymous-
      It's obvious that you are not willing to identify yourself- even to the person that you are "watching"... But I challenge you this:
      Why are you one of Jehovah's Witnesses? Are you the only one of your family to be in the organization (as that's what they are calling it now)? How often do you CURRENTLY engage in field service, and not that standing on the corner stuff either? Have you ever had sex or some other sin, and been disciplined by the elders- note: the elders pray before they discipline someone, but not before they meet with them to "let" them back in. What are your thoughts with regard to the various worldwide child molestation cases in the world. It's not often I get the opportunity to engage a current JW with so much to say on any topic- especially to non-ex-previous JWs... so let's have at it... feel free to meet me in a hangout or something if this forum isn't your cup of tea- but I hope you're a GB member because you will need some holy spirit to deal with me one-on-one. In the meantime, if you can't address these questions- you may want to go back to the sheep's pen- find your shepherd, call an elder, get some help- because you're making yourself look stupid.

    8. Anonymous, it's you're NOT your. Please please learn the difference.

    9. AB.... Stephanie is black.... Is that why she is not happy? Brilliant!

      Hey Down Low.... AB is talking about you.... I love it now the infidel company are fighting amongst themselves.... Satanic division.... Are you going to respond DL? Why would you need me to handle you? You've already been dealt with.... And apparently you didn't do a very good job of defending yourself then... But good to see you and your flunkies are keeping close tabs on the organization so you won't be too far behind when you return... Kudos!

    10. Alright Coward (Yes you're still a coward. More than ever, now),

      Here's the deal: You win. Jehovah's Witnesses are right. We all are wrong. My husband is a loser, and myself and kids are going to die at Armageddon. Now what? Can you honestly say you're going to live?

      You have called everyone here names, including turning some into curse words. You've also called down evil and judgment on others. You have berated everyone, even called some of them homosexuals. You have even lied on several occasions now, saying you're done and refuse to comment. Yet you call ME a hypocrite?

      You are supposed to be a member of the corporation run by the god of love, and you are showing the most hateful and disgusting qualities, here. If that is not hypocritical, I do not know what is.

      You have said enough. Why not be done with it? Why not end your tirade. I certainly have no use for you, and I said everything I needed to say in my blog post to you. Everything else you have had to say is so rudimentary, and just silly. You have proved absolutely nothing except how awful Jehovah's Witnesses are. If any were fooled by the smiling faces JWs have when knocking on their doors, you certainly showed the true face of your cult.

      You, Coward, have single-handedly brought insurmountable reproach upon the corporation of which you claim to be a part. Congratulations. Now either tell us who you are, or leave us to our apostasy and take care of your OWN spirituality, because by all indications, it is in serious jeopardy.

    11. Down Low... ahahahaha that's a good one. Actually I AM a cute, rather handsome and insanely sexy black man... it's in the melanin can't help myself. Do you even try to make sense? FYI- I have only recently found myself following what's going on in the organization mainly because most of it is with regard to CHILD MOLESTERS! Then I found out about the suicides (plural) at Bethel- did you KNOW about this stuff? OMG!
      Anyway... Thanks for the nickname- nothing down low about me at all but you? Ooohwee

    12. You, Coward, have single-handedly brought insurmountable reproach upon the corporation of which you claim to be a part. Congratulations. Now either tell us who you are, or leave us to our apostasy and take care of your OWN spirituality, because by all indications, it is in serious jeopardy.

      Twist ending: AC is actually an exjw troll who is purposely trying to bring reproach on the Witness organization.

    13. Wow, Joshua! I didn't even think of that! In that case, well done, Coward. You should leave your name so that proper credit may be bestowed.

    14. Oh Coward if you truly are a TRUE JW with no doubts, no questions, no regrets you would not even READ or LOOK AT this board, or respond or try and defend your insane beliefs. Look here is how it is, the TRUE GOD would never allow his TRUE religion to be filled with Pedophiles, Rapists, liars, Incestual relationships, and tell people they cannot love their families all in his name.
      So you can keep on blabbering about how we are wrong and you are right but the fact of the matter is your precious organization is a bully that traps people, takes their youth, their families, their education, their freedom to think and then when its done with them it takes their lives.
      If you are SO conviced and SO happy with them.. then GO, leave us alone and worship at the feet of the GB.
      We no longer give a shit!

    15. Anon... as a witness I'm thoroughly shocked at your outbursts; you curse, shout (figuratively), and say hateful things is this a good example? If you are truly trying to draw these people back to God, why are you treating them this way?? It's very unattractive and so I cannot believe you are really a Christian at all. Please stop, you're giving yourself a bad name and all the nice people who believe.

  11. You don't believe.... Period! So why do you continue to visit.... Listen..... Quote. ..... Tape.... And paraphrase? HYPOCRITICAL! Just move on.... Go about your business..... Don't move to Texas and torment yourself and all others that love Jehovah... Interesting... You have a right to leave the faith... But others don't have the right to discover and stay without your beheamoth bellyaching? HYPOCRITICAL! NO ONES PROTESTING THAT YOU LEFT!!!! That's right you weren't married Stephanie.....and you were still a child having a child, still being supported by your unloving mother..... Who you claim you love so much.... HYPOCRITICAL! If you mother didn't love you why did she care to even give advice retrieve help for you? As I said you are hurt... An emotional punching shadow boxer.... Time and maturity will heal this.Abandon actual science? Who created science Stephanie? I won't even go there.... SUPER HYPOCRITICAL! Remember... It is a fact that there are no facts.....It is true that there's no.... You know the spew.... Your only way out is to become atheist...WHY? Because as you mentioned.... You don't know where your going religiously.... And you don't know where you've been..you were resting....Me seeing you and your daughter at the convention means I am a fan? Childish... Oops. ... Was I being judgmental or danming? One should know the definition of such before using these terms loosely...more like using a crutch really... I did not sentence you to time imprisoned or a death penalty... But if you feel judged.... That is between you and your imagination or science diety.You are not affording your children the opportunity to think for themselves.... You are doing to them the same as you have accused to organization of..exposing them to lies.. HYPOCRITICAL!As I mentioned.... Your Husband is a loser! 3 kids and a wife stuffed in a sardine can apartment.... And you left Jehovah for that? WINNING? Pun intended..... Why did I say this? To show you how you sound.....Mad..... Hurt.... And lashing out.... Open your eyes and wake up finally...... I.... As told to you don't want to debate or degrade you.... But you did want to know why I called you a hypocrite.... I have pointed out many reasons and there are tons more.... One last one.... How many agreeable comments do you have from anonymous bloggers?? Have you dared them to reveal themselves? Have you called them cowards? NO! WHY? BECAUSE OF HYPOCRITICAL THINKING!!!!I'll make you a promise.... When you come to your senses..... I will come up to you at an assembly or convention and you will know who I am.... If you don't..... It won't matter who I am... Will it? As for your backspilling and peddling cronies on here that you summoned to your rescue.... It takes more courage to stick with something or someone than it does to walk away....so who really are the cowards??? It's them and YOU Stephanie.... And chances are.... I found the right ones!!!!!I will not talk or write to you again until that time..... Because I know this will get under your skin even more than I actually have.... J/k....All of this above.... Just a loving reminder from an imaginary person.... Just as Jehovah is... (So you say)♡

    1. This is hilarious. Post more so the rest of the world (OOOOH THE WORLD! SCARY!) can laugh at you.

    2. You're an idiot.

      It's people like you that make religion unbearable. I hope Armageddon does happen, so that when the earth splits open and swallows you up, you can blame it on getting on the evil internet and associating with apostates.

      Also, please learn how to spell.

    3. Is that the best you can come up with JH? Being judgmental are you? Leave that to the God you don't believe in anymore..... You don't need to hope..... You need to pray! The Bible refers to people like you being worse than idiots..... Your are called stupid..Look it up?..... Was that spelled correctly?

    4. I'm not sure insulting people over the internet while being self-righteous is the path Jesus would have chosen. You know, if he existed. All the same, the Bible has some pretty amazing instructions about things like turning the other cheek. Being abrasive, typing with your caps lock on, and using lots of periods doesn't strike me as the behavior of someone who takes the message of the Bible to heart.

      I really hope you come around one day and make a hard choice, like some of the rest of us have had to make, when we realized how hurtful all of the nonsense we spouted off was to everyone we said it to. Will you find the courage to apologize?

    5. "Your are called stupid..Look it up?..... Was that spelled correctly?"


    6. The stupid in this comment hurts my brain.

    7. Well YOU are one of the many reasons I can't stand the JW religion, I was a cult member of the witnesses before and I seen the member of the JW religion are hypocrites just like you! Why do I say Hypocrite? Well I will break that down for you! First of all where is your "fruitage of the spirit" ,"Love your neighbor as yourself", also noticed you made your place to Judge other people? When were you given permission to do that? Where is you loving humble attitiude towards someone who has fallen "spiritually dead" You straight insulted this girl, and why do you give such a fuck about her life, are you jealous of it? She was able to make her way out and think for herself? That is something we as humans were born to do, we have our own brains and we think with them the way we do in our own way, who the fuck are you to decide differently, (maybe you trying to have the same privelage as the governing body) haha good luck with that one! How dare you insult her family! You stupid bitch u not realize we are all children of 'God' So pretty much you are hating something that is close and divine to your loving creator, that wouldnt make him too happy now would it? You really have no accurate knowledge of human life or how things came about either, just admit it, there are things science can't prove and the bible was written by man, so just admit there are just somethings we dont know, and live with that instead of coming out here acting like you know everything cuz you dont know shit! None of us know the actual facts or what happened thousands of years ago, so I go by what makes sense just as most do, because when something doesnt make sense chances are its not true, so be true to your own beliefs and let others be true to theirs. You are as bad as they come, freakin JW hypocrites that claim to be loving servants of Jehovah (governing body of elders) but clearly you words show the complete opposite. Have I insulted you in anyway because that was not my intention! No Pun intended! You make me laugh, and I should thank you for reminding me how 2 faced and judging all you "loving" JW's are, now go back and please your elders, uh I mean Jehovah!

    8. Bupropion HCL XL 150mg. .... Ill write you a prescription... You are a bit too vulgar challenged aren't you? Funny how you guys set up this stuff and add to it to insult and degrade Witnesses and then lose you mind when it is reciprocated...
      Can dish it out. ..but can't take it....

      I meant that in a loving way....

    9. Calling someone a loser based on wealth? Classy. You can't even spell, and probably didn't graduate highschool, let alone set foot on a college campus. You are just like every other JW joke on the planet. Stephanie owned you! Hugely. Now bow out gracefully.


    10. And who owns you Jim? You still live at home with mom? You are a loser.... And its not based on wealth!

    11. Well remember who was the first to insult somebody! Can Dish it but can't take it! =) Oh no pun intended LOL!

    12. *Note that I am a different Anonymous, not the one who's committing war crimes against the English language up there.

      That said...

      Fucking christ, this has to be a troll. This is just far too ridiculous to be a real person, right? Nobody's this oblivious. Comedy gold; if she's real she obviously has no idea how she's making her religion and its followers look.

    13. TL,DR Cliffs? Disclaimer: I immediately get a headache when I read the very first sentence of a post and it's riddled with ill placed capital letters, misspelled words, and just general nonsense.

    14. Hmmm too many "Anonymous" people here...lol I thought the same thing, no way that is a real person or JW for that matter cuz she is just cray, she lost her mind! Well ok than she could be a JW but WOW is all I have to say about that!

  12. You done such an awesome job with this reply and not only that, you answered for all of us as well. Really enjoyed reading this.

  13. Wednesday, September 4

    There will also be false teachers among you.—2 Pet. 2:1.

    How do false teachers operate? Their methods reveal a cunning spirit. Apostates “quietly bring in” corruptive ideas. Like smugglers, they operate in a clandestine manner, subtly introducing apostate views. And just as a clever forger tries to pass phony documents, so apostates use “counterfeit words,” or false arguments, trying to pass their fabricated views as if they were true. They spread “deceptive teachings,” “twisting . . . the Scriptures” to fit their own ideas. (2 Pet. 2:1, 3, 13; 3:16) Clearly, apostates do not have our best interests at heart. Following them would only divert us from the road that leads to eternal life. How can we protect ourselves? The Bible’s counsel regarding how to deal with them is clear. (Rom. 16:17; 2 John 9-11) “Avoid them,” says God’s Word. Other translations render that phrase “turn away from them,” “keep away from them,” and “stay away from them!” w11 7/15 2:5, 6

    1. Dear crazy Anonymous brother/sister,

      You need to settle down, you're seriously embarrassing yourself and the very faith you defend.
      Stephanie is entitled to exercise the "Universal Sovereignty" clause you should firmly claim to subscribe to, which is "We all have a right to decide to serve Jehovah".
      Since you have attacked her life choices, criticized her daughter's upbringing and called her spouse a "loser" a couple times now, you've clearly made yourself the idiot and have definitely made a FINE example of being a servant of the God of Love and Peace.

      Can you please shut up and stop embarrassing the faith you belong to?
      Since Stephanie is disfellowshipped and considered an apostate, you being here is a violation of the guidelines established by the Apostle Paul and the Organization.
      Very presumptuous of you to do so. Hmmmm...who else was presumptuous?
      Oh! Uzzah.

      Look it up.

      PS: For your next talk in the Theocratic Ministry School, I'd like to suggest that you work on proper grammar. Your readers will have a hard time taking you seriously if you cannot use the correct forms of your/you're on a consistent basis.

    2. Gay-meade,

      That was the only flaw you could find Judas? You should be proud of yourself.... Someone ought to!

      Uzzah was not presumptuous.... He was wanting to have powers or a place of authority that did not belong to him, thinking if he touched the Ark of the covenant he would be the possessor of.

      Are you a underachiever in the world as you were in the truth? Telling me to look up information you don't understand yourself!

      Did I use the correct form of Yourself?

      The TMS was for public speaking... Not a spelling bee or literary honor class.... You were sleep with your thumb in your mouth (pun intended) for the first 18 years..... You are entitled to exercise your "Universal Stupidity".... Check the grammar...

    3. What you are doing is called ad hominem which does not in any way help your argument and instead only makes you sound stupid. I would recommend you stop insulting people in your comments and instead respond to what they are actually saying.

    4. You are right.... You sound like you need a woman.... Instead of a woman's rant.... Don't be a stick in the muddy Joshua.... Have some fun! Join atheist anonymous!

    5. "Uzzah was not presumptuous.... He was wanting to have powers or a place of authority that did not belong to him, thinking if he touched the Ark of the covenant he would be the possessor of."

      Wow. Funny that I know more about this than a current JW. Uzzah was struck down for his presumptuousness. He tried to steady the Ark of the Covenant when the oxen stumbled. It had nothing to do with him wanting powers or authority. It had everything to do with him presuming to take it upon himself to touch the ark and forgetting the holiness of the Ark itself. So yes. He was killed for being presumptuous. That's like...Watchtower 101.

    6. Wrong flower girl delirious.... Peter was Presumptuous... Did Jehovah kill him???? You're too stupid to realize there was more behind it... But what should I expect? That you would have understood and passed the Watchtower 101 class and still be a witness? Naw.... What was I thinking?

    7. Why don't you look in your Watchtower Library CD on Uzzah? Apparently, you are the one who is too stupid to even understand your own ridiculous doctrine. You need apostates to explain it to you.

      w02 5/15 pp. 24-28 - The Watchtower—2002
      "Consider also Uzzah, who presumptuously reached out and grabbed hold of the ark of the covenant to prevent it from falling. He was struck dead on the spot. (2 Samuel 6:3-8) How vital that we shun presumptuousness!"

      I passed Watchtower 101, and that's WHY I'm no longer a JW.

    8. Where is your transcripts Delirious? And don't show us your Aids test results.... Like I said. ... Jehovah did not kill Uzzah for presumptuosness.... He is a loving God.... Do the kind of research that JW'S and graduate school individuals are used to... Dig a little deeper than the medical marijuana use is allowing you to do.... Live outside the Atheist box you are in... You passed GO on the monopoly board... Not much else in life.... Promise.. I am through with you!

    9. You're so through that you keep replying. Weren't you supposedly all done and bored with us hours ago? You just can't stay away.

      By the way, that's a DIRECT QUOTE from the Watchtower. May 15, 2002. And please, spare me your lies about how JW's do such thorough research. We both know that if it's not a Watchtower publication, it's not approved for JW's to research. Even encyclopedias aren't trusted. If they were allowed to do such research as you suggest, pretty much every JW who had in interest in doing so would know without a doubt that Jerusalem did not fall in 607, but fell in 586/587. No archaeological finds support 607. NONE. The archaeologist that the Watchtower quoted as saying it was 607 said herself that she NEVER said that and was angry about being misquoted in order to perpetuate a lie.

      You let the writing team in Brooklyn do your research for you. You accept what they publish as gospel, even though the vast majority of what they print is based off of quotes that were mined from people much smarter than they are and twisted to suit their own desires. Your so-called "knowledge" wasn't gained from any amount of extensive research on your own part.

      "Do the kind of research that JW'S and graduate school individuals are used to... "

      Oh, you mean the "research" that JW's do ONLY in Watchtower literature? There's a HUGE difference between the "research" JW's are ALLOWED to do and that which graduate students do. If you don't believe there's a vast difference, I can give you the name and contact information of an ACTUAL graduate student who used to be a JW and she can tell you point-blank that you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

      As for your supposed insults on my intellect: Really? Is that all you have? A potshot speculative crack about "medical marijuana" use and insinuating that such is dulling my senses and reasoning ability? A crack about supposed AIDS tests? Really? Because every person who leaves the JW's smokes pot and must have STD's, right? We're all out there smoking dope, shooting up, and fucking anything with at least 2 legs. We MUST be. I mean, we're all mentally diseased, right? So we'd all be willing to do anything if it meant rebelling against Mother Watchtower.

      Such stupidity from someone who claims that everyone else is stupid. Sad excuse for a JW you are. Everyone here except you can see that I've pretty much run logic circles around you. You can only resort to name-calling and attempts to assassinate my character and level of intelligence because that's ALL YOU HAVE. You can't even use proper grammar. "Where IS your transcripts"? It's fucking PITIFUL. You're really only serving to make yourself look more and more the fool. As if your original rant to Stephanie wasn't sufficient enough to accomplish that.

  14. Wow that was brilliant

  15. Anonymous, your misuse of ellipses make your comments extremely difficult to read. Ellipses are not replacements for periods and make it seem like you are trailing in and out the whole time. Also, ellipses are three periods; no more, no less.

    Your last post, a quote of a Watchtower article, demonstrates one of the things I hate most about the organization: the total control of information. Ensuring that people do not read anything that criticizes you is an excellent way to keep people a part of your group through ignorance. Apostate is only a loaded word the WTBTS uses to keep its flock in the dark. If they have the truth as you claim they do, it should be able to stand up to intense scrutiny.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you do a little bit of research from outside sources, you can see this for yourself. For example, the Watchtower's recent brochures on evolution. If you look up the quotations from scientists, you find that they are almost all taken out of context. This is extreme intellectual dishonesty. Then there are things like how they claim that Jerusalem fell in 607 BCE when all archaeological evidence points very strongly through accurate record keeping and astronomical data to 586/7 BCE.

    Other things you can find if you bother to look are that the WTBTS actually lies in some instances to cover their dubious past teachings. Rather than putting out "new light", some of their teachings have flip flopped, such as the teachings on the generation (which apparently now means two generations, I'm not making this up guys!) and their stance on oral sex. They have an amazing track record of being completely wrong on all their predictions, and yes, that includes 1914 if you do some further research.

    If you read the Bible with a less biased viewpoint, you find that your god is a terrible person. He rips apart children with a bear for making fun of a guy for being bald. He commands genocide at regular intervals, including the destruction of children, he kills a child, and at one point random people in the nation, as a punishment for David's sins. He wipes out nearly all animal life in addition to all except eight humans for the sins of humanity (breaking his own laws of physics every step of the way, and then erasing all the geological and biological evidence afterward). He punishes the descendents of Adam and Eve because Adam and Eve disobeyed him.

    So please explain to me why we should listen to eight old men in New York who obviously don't understand how real life works, both physically and socially.

    1. You as well, good sir.

    2. Again.... Not a literary class... It is a blog.

      How many periods are above? REALLY?



    3. Whether it's a literary class or a blog, your misuse of ellipses are detracting from what you are trying to say, on top of the fact that you aren't really saying anything of any substance. I was merely pointing it out so perhaps you can improve your writing style and make it easier for people to read what you wrote, and not as part of my argument against WHAT you wrote.

      The boss pays the bills, and is not asking anything ridiculous of me, so that's why I listen to him. Also, it gives him a few points in his favor that he isn't lying to me and understands how science works (since I work for a company that deals with, you know, science).

      Now, you didn't actually respond to any of the actual points I made, which tells me that you don't have an answer or care to find the answers. Instead you insult the fact that I take pride in my writing. If you don't want to discuss the topic at hand, why are you even here?

    4. Joshua,

      No relation to the biblical Joshua's I am certain......

      Evidently your scientific mind gave evidence that you understood everything I have written. ... Less you would'nt know what to attempt to correct...

      JEHOVAH gave you life.... So how on earth would you pay your bills? So much for being flow chart efficient Mr. Scientist....

      You didn't make a point Josh.... Take pride instead of your flip flopping.... I did address your issue Joshua.... Flow chart my good man.... Flow chart!

    5. Did you spell/grammar check anyone else's response? I will give y'all one thing... the hypocrisy is consistent!

  16. No relation to the biblical Joshua's I am certain......

    You start off by attempting to insult me.

    Evidently your scientific mind gave evidence that you understood everything I have written. ... Less you would'nt know what to attempt to correct...

    I have no idea what you're trying to say here. I only gave you suggestions on your grammar to make it easier for us to understand what you are trying to say.

    JEHOVAH gave you life.... So how on earth would you pay your bills? So much for being flow chart efficient Mr. Scientist....

    Jehovah is much the same as Zeus, unicorns and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He doesn't exist. If you want to convince me of anything, start here in showing me evidence that I'm wrong about this. Also you seem to be attempting to use the term 'scientist' in a demeaning way. I'm not sure why it should be at all demeaning in any sense.

    You didn't make a point Josh.... Take pride instead of your flip flopping.... I did address your issue Joshua.... Flow chart my good man.... Flow chart!

    Where am I flip-flopping and why should I take pride in it? Where did you address my issues? My issue was not your grammar, that was a tip meant to be helpful. What do flow charts have to do with anything?

    Did you spell/grammar check anyone else's response? I will give y'all one thing... the hypocrisy is consistent!

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I was trying to be helpful so you can improve your grammar in the future and make what you say more readable. I only said anything to you because it was glaringly obvious and I am responding to you and not anyone else.

    1. Ahh bloody... it looks like I put my response in the wrong reply box. Watch her use that against me.

    2. But unicorns DO exist! And don't compare Zeus to Jehovah. Zeus is way more real. :)

    3. No. We all know that the one true deity is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Have you been touched by his noodly appendage? He boiled for our sins.

    4. Ok Josh... If he is the flying spaghetti monster you are a meatball!

      More scientific spew....from you..." It is a fact there are no facts... And it is true there are no truths"...

      If that were so...when you reach up to touch your nose you would actually touch your elbow... But that is typical of man's spherical thought of science. ... Extremely limited in true scale... Uneducated foolishness compared to the Person who Created science. .. Jehovah The Sovereign of the Universe

      "Incorrect Will Rogers".....

    5. More scientific spew....from you..." It is a fact there are no facts... And it is true there are no truths"...

      Again I don't understand why you use the term 'scientific' in a derogatory way. But alas, I never once "spewed" anything scientific. Logic and reason is not the same thing as science.

      I would think you were a troll if you hadn't said things to make it clear to Stephanie that you actually do know her, although there is still the possibility you are not the same person who Stephanie's post is about and you really are trolling. However your writing style seems to be the same so I'm going to assume you are not a troll but are just very ignorant. But never fear! There is indeed a cure for ignorance: learning things! I strongly recommend that before you comment further in a derogatory way toward science and again showcase your ignorance is that you actually do some research and find out what science is, why we use it and why we can trust it.

      You randomly pull out the quote "It is a fact there are no facts... And it is true there are no truths," and somehow either imply that I said it or that I believe it. I have no idea who said this, and it was most definitely not me. That is a completely false statement. There are facts, and there are most definitely truths, and it's up to us to try to distinguish between truth and falsehood. The Jehovah's Witness religion is most definitely in the latter category, for reasons I have touched on to earlier, as well as many more.

      If that were so...when you reach up to touch your nose you would actually touch your elbow... But that is typical of man's spherical thought of science. ... Extremely limited in true scale... Uneducated foolishness compared to the Person who Created science. .. Jehovah The Sovereign of the Universe

      You are now arguing based on the aforementioned quote that you made up and put in my mouth even though I strongly disagree with it and would never say such a thing.

      You also are still assuming Jehovah exists, which he doesn't. I warmly invite you to prove me wrong. That's what logic and reasoning is all about: when new data comes up, you alter your opinions to support the new data.

      Even if Jehovah did exist, he didn't create science. Science is not a thing that exists somewhere in the universe. Science is a method that we've developed to discover things about the universe in which we live. We can see how well it works by the fact that most of us drive our car to work every day and that we can fly around the world in airplanes, and that we have even put people on the moon.

      Again, I stress that you educate yourself before you take part in discussions like this. A basic self-education is only a Google search away.

    6. Josephus. .. I'm doing you too easy....why do you love your mother or brother. .sister.or boyfriend? Is it because of science? That's right...you're a test tube baby right?

      Replace Jehovah everywhere you have mentioned science.... Now... You are lots closer to having an education....

      You're overdone!

    7. Josephus. .. I'm doing you too easy....why do you love your mother or brother. .sister.or boyfriend? Is it because of science? That's right...you're a test tube baby right?

      I'm not sure what you are trying to say here other than to be insulting. Either way, you are not listening. All science is is a method to find out how the world around us works. A tried and tested method. To ask if I love my family because of science shows me that you have no idea what you are talking about at all.

      Now if you are trying, in your own obscure, vague way, to get me to explain why humans show emotions like love at all if god doesn't exist, well, that's finally a question that can actually be answered.

      Over millions of years, species adapt to their environment. The ones that are less suited to their environment die, and the ones that are better suited to their environment survive to pass on their genes to their children. This is a well known principle called natural selection that we have been aware of for at least 150 years. Having a close group that has your back because they love you increases your chances for survival, so this gene gets passed on. Now, I am not a scientist, I am only an individual who enjoys learning, so if you ACTUALLY want to know more, you are perfectly capable of doing further research. I have given you the beginning of an answer, but you can delve deeper on your own if you so choose.

      Replace Jehovah everywhere you have mentioned science.... Now... You are lots closer to having an education....

      "Even if Jehovah did exist, he didn't create Jehovah. Jehovah is not a thing that exists somewhere in the universe. Jehovah is a method that we've developed to discover things about the universe in which we live."

      Yeah. Makes perfect sense.

      You're overdone!

      I'm not sure when we started onto the cannibalism route, because apparently now we're cooking people.

  17. Bravo, Stephanie. Like a previous poster, I enjoyed the way you broke it down point by point. Since leaving mentally a few year ago (I was df'd in 1995), I've looked at the Adam/Eve myth differently. I believe in God/dess but I also believe in science. Science has proven that not only is the earth many many years old, way older than 6000 years, the order of creation is not plausible.

    BTW both of my kids were born out of wedlock (as if being married is some magical institution). And like you, I say, So what???

  18. Hi Stephanie
    You know the purpose of your blog. Kudos to you for exposing the Jehovahs Witness Organisation for what it is.
    Keep your focus and don't let rascals like this distract you.
    Its not worth your energy arguing with them.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. I will always stick by my thoughts on good JW are EXJW or dead ones.

    Also motorboat !!!!

  20. You guys are tired and boring.. I've addressed all of your repetitive questions and response several times... The whole site had less than 50 responses before I dawned.

    Go back to mediocrity..... Talk to you right before or after the beginning of the GT..... All of you will be gnashing your teeth (Matthew 8:12) and banging on the proverbial Ark door begging to get back in! And guess what? All of you will be welcomed back with loving open arms.... Jehovah willing.......

    1. Here's the thing (and you can take this as 100% true for pretty much every Atheist ex-JW, including Stephanie):

      If your god is real, then the record of his actions as written in the bible is enough for me to stand before him and say "Fucking kill me, you rotten son of a bitch".

      I'd rather that than worship a homicidal, angry, malicious, jealous, bloodthirsty, vengeful egomaniac who claims to be "the happy god", yet shows nothing of the sort by actions. I will not beg for my life. I will not beg to be let back into the Watchtower organization (which you so presumptuously referred to as "the ark"...are you serious??)and its pedophile protecting bullshit.

      If your god is real and he would kill me because I left a group of people whose policies allow child molesters to continue to prey on children while the parents in the congregation are completely ignorant to it (and that's just ONE of the many problems with the Watchtower Society), but doesn't pay attention to the fact that I actually do MORE good in the world than any JW I've ever met, then go ahead and let him kill me. I wouldn't want to serve that anyway.

      I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    2. A little judgmental are you?..... You almost sound worse than your description of Him.... And what did you create could you remind us?

      Be careful what you ask for... Remember Kelli. ... Your delirious!

    3. Again, all you can do is stoop to strawman arguments, red herrings, and attempts to discredit people based on things you know nothing about. Your "logic" is ludicrous. And you don't even know the proper usages of "your" and "you're". Again. Stellar Watchtower education at work.

      You can shit on the chessboard and strut around claiming victory when you run back to your flock of JW's. I'll let you have this one. Seems like you need the ego boost.

    4. Quite honestly, I'd rather take my chance swimming with the fishes outside the ark than spend an eternity with people who think like you, Anonymous. I haven't seen this much of a judgmental attitude since I came across the Westboro Baptists. I think you give them a run for their money.

  21. Great reply, Stephanie! The fact that someone who you supposedly used to know can take time out of their schedule of having "plenty to do in the work of the lord" and jump on you over such stupid and asinine points shows they have nothing better to do with their time and have an ax to grind and can't put into practice what is in their bible, namely the scripture at 1 Thessalonians 4:11 that says to mind your own business.

    You had a child out of wedlock. Oh, gee. You didn't have a piece of paper that was signed by an elder, you didn't stand in the Kingdom Hall in front of a bunch of people who don't know what unconditional love is and repeat a misogynistic set of vows (love, honor, and OBEY??)and then share a chaste peck on the lips while wearing a crisp white dress symbolizing that your hymen is still intact. OH THE HORROR!! The SCANDAL!! Give me a friggin' break. And you supposedly looked SO HARD for a JW husband? Shit, girl, if that were really accurate, you would have had one easily...you hottie :P. But, you dodged a bullet with that one! They're more trouble than what they're supposedly worth LOL. The divorce rate for JW's is the same as the rest of the world, so how is it that waiting for marriage to have sex or have children is the best course?

    Unfortunately, it's unusual for a cult member to recognize they're in a cult. I'm sure no one in the People's Temple who drank the cyanide Kool-Aid thought "Oh, crap. I'm in a cult. Well, I'm thirsty, too. What to do...what to do...". Unless they can get past the cognitive dissonance and knee-jerk angry reactions to people speaking negatively about their leader(s), all you'll get is bile and venom masked as caring words and excused with "I say this out of love" or "I'm not saying this to offend you". Prefacing or even epiloguing a comment with something that dismisses the level of offensiveness of what is about to be said or has already been said is, well, cowardly.

    If you're going to be an asshole, OWN IT. Don't be passive-aggressive. According to the gospels, Jesus didn't apologize for being abrasive and straightforward. He didn't flip tables in the temple and then say "Oh, shit. My bad, yo. I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything". He didn't call the Pharisees "offspring of vipers" and then finish it with "no offense". If you claim to follow Jesus as your exemplar, you're doing a shitty job of it when you try to stand up for what is supposedly right and then you try to tone it down by claiming you're not trying to be offensive.

    Or worse, claim you made a pun when you didn't. I think that's the biggest sin in that whole tirade LMAO.

    1. Kerry Delirious,

      You seem to have lot of time on your hands or underneath them. Tell the author and yourself that all of you sound like a broken record.... Stop pummelling of yourself and just cry.....

    2. Says the person who keeps replying.

      I've cried enough tears for all that I lost from your insidious insipid cult. I'm done with the tears. Now all I can do is laugh.

    3. Well at least stop druilling and foaming at the mouth... It's unbecoming of you.... Demonic even...

    4. What in the fuck is "druilling"? It's funny that you mention unbecoming behavior (of which you are the only one here that is guilty of such a display). You're sitting there behind your screen all protected because no one knows who you are. What big Internet balls you have, my dear! Anyone can sit behind a pseudonym and take potshots at others simply because they feel the need for their beliefs to be validated.

      Does disparaging others who disagree with you help to quell the doubts you so obviously have about your religion? It's okay, really. We've all been there. It's uncomfortable. It makes you angry that people challenge your beliefs because you have doubts in them yourself and others are giving voice to the deepest darkest thoughts that you've had...ones that you fear others will find out about. The ones you try to keep secret and hidden because they present a challenge to your faith. And so you twist your mind into a pretzel trying to justify believing as you do, all the while knowing that something isn't right, but fearing the thought process that would start if you gave heed to your very real and very normal doubts. It's uncomfortable. And so you lash out and call names and make disparaging remarks to those who would dredge up those feelings. Because you don't want them to be there. You don't want to pay attention to them. So belittling others helps to solidify your feelings of superiority because you think you know the "real truth" and anyone who says otherwise must be silenced. Because you're afraid they're right. And that scares you more than anything else. The fact that your illusions of Armageddon and Paradise might all just be a pipe dream that was sold to you by a shitty little publishing company in Brooklyn.

      It would almost be funny if it weren't just so damn sad.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. You know yourself a little to well... So why are you laughing?? End it all now!

    7. Best you did remove it.... You sound on edge! I can prescribe something for that....

    8. "Druilling"? LMAO! The Society really shouldn't discourage their members from pursuing education. It's just pathetic! I'm embarrassed for you!

    9. You can't prescribe shit. JW's can't get the higher education needed to become a physician or psychiatrist. Good try, though!

      And I removed it simply because I put my response to one of your other asinine comments in the wrong spot.

      And yes, I DO know myself too well! Because all that I wrote was what mostly EVERY JW thinks at one time or another. It's the way I thought. I used to be like you, railing against the so-called "apostates" online, calling down Jehovah's judgement on them, etc. It just masks the inner turmoil. I don't have any reason to "end it all now". In fact, I have more of a reason to live and appreciate the life that I have than you do. At least I'm not trapped in a cult. At least I can make my own decisions without consulting a magazine that tells me how to fart in a way that god approves.

    10. Too stupid to know where to put your comment Huh? Keep up? Remember. .. You the one making many mistakes...

    11. "You the one".

      Now who's stupid? If you're going to accuse someone else of being stupid, please make sure that you don't in fact look like a fool yourself first. Your lack of careful attention to your spelling and grammar shows that you're typing quickly and angrily, without regard to how it reads. And yet you say I seem on edge? Hm. Maybe you should prescribe some meds for yourself instead of offering them around like a pedophile offers candy to kids from the back of a beat-up van...or in the back of the Kingdom Hall. Whichever analogy you like better.

      I notice you don't say anything about the other things I said. Because you know they're true. All you can do is sit there in your corner with your teeth bared and keep snapping at ankles like the frightened little chihuahua that you are. Keep yapping, little dog. Keep snapping. All you're doing is showing everyone else just how Jehovah's Witnesses really feel about people who leave their organization. What a fine witness!

    12. Spelling and grammar..... Spelling and grammar.... Guess your choice cuss words are proper grammar as well huh? Dope much? Is that proper grammar? The other things you said.... Well let's just say you needed to get a lot of things off your chest... Sometimes it is just my job to listen... Then diagnose... Go to CVS and pick up you prescription!

      I am finished with you get off my couch and leave my office!

    13. Actually, yes. My choice of cuss words were grammatically correct, as well as checked for spelling. Cuss words ARE words, you know. However, my point about spelling and grammar is valid. You can't accuse other people of being stupid and throw that word around like it actually means something when you're "ellipsing" all over the place, using "is" for words that are plural, and just generally making a mess of the English language with your vapid displays of your illusions of grandeur.

      "Dope much?" No, that wasn't proper grammar. It wasn't even a proper sentence. How's that higher education working out for you? Oh, wait... (notice the proper use of ellipses)

      You are quite a haughty person. Last I checked that wasn't Christlike. And last I checked, YOU were the one who responded to ME when I was talking to Stephanie. So that means that YOU are the one who needs to go. If you want the conversation ended, then you need to be the one to walk away.

      And while you're at it, try getting on some medication yourself. Or maybe you should try that "dope" you like to accuse others of smoking. It might mellow you the fuck out and get that wild hair out of your ass. Or at least dull the hard-on you have for ex-JW's like Stephanie.

  22. Powerful, funny and so true! Thank you for breaking it down point by a point and smashing it all to pieces... as an ex-JW, I throughly enjoyed your writing!

  23. Stephanie,
    I love how you didn't shy away from the comments of this "person". This person is not truly as happy as they would make it seem they are in their faith for one very basic reason- they wouldn't really care what you do. The fact is this: More JWs are in the organization for fear-based reasons vs love of Jehovah. There is too much flip-flopping and overall inconsistency in the doctrine, and there is also too much concealing of certain facts that the standard publisher does not and will not be allowed to find out.

    I especially liked your comments on college. What you are saying is not only the truth, but the society's own publications support what you are saying. This "person" is only trying to whip you up into a frenzy and making things personal- and I applaud you for firmly standing your ground and making them look even more ridiculous.

    Just a point, when you ultimately find out who this trolling person is- you may want to have a restraining order placed against them- as they seem to be following you a little too closely. Religious fanatics have a way of "lashing out" when they feel threatened.

    Keep doing what you're doing...

  24. D.L. DOWN LOW.....

    You speak for all JWs.... And I speak for you.... By your own admission and inclusion you are the flip flopper... Remember you were once one of the faith.... Then you flipped... Nothing else here you said matters.... Where have you been the last 25 years? In the closet?

    1. If someone changes their opinion, that is completely fine. The problem is where an organization claims they are the direct channel to god flip-flops. So now you are saying that your god flip-flops in his direction despite being a being of perfect wisdom, justice, power and love. This raises a contradiction and therefore, the original assumption is wrong and the Witnesses don't have the truth.


  25. Man, Stephanie! You really pissed in Anonymous Coward's Theocratic Cheerios, didn't you?! Oh, Anonymous Coward, what a wonderful display of how a loving sister should act and treat others! I am sure your imaginary sky daddy is proudly smiling down on you!
    And to the rest of you heathens: poor thing; we should all pity her ignorance!

    Oh and back to Stephanie: you rock!

    (there really should be an Apostate Anonymous posting option)

    1. So..... You know what makes Jehovah happy and smile? But your not doing it.... Oh... The poster girl for disappointing your parents.... Cosmopolitan October Happy Halloween issue....

    2. If behaving like a complete asshat, sitting back and finger-wagging, judging a bunch of people you've never met, and just being a cuntwhistle in general is what "makes Jehovah happy and smile", then I'll have to pass.

      And hey, maybe you should read some Cosmo once in awhile. They give great tips for blowjobs!

    3. Anonymous Coward. Have you stepped outside of yourself recently to realize how much time and effort you are expending making an ass out of yourself? Not to mention the reproach you bring upon Sky Daddy/Flying Spaghetti Monster?
      You want to know what make Jehovah happy? If you would shut your fucking mouth to stop all of this drivel from drooling out of it. If nothing else you should make every attempt at dislodging your head from your ass, the smell has got to be killin' you!

  26. "Coward", what will you do when this 15 minutes of fame for you from hijacking Stephanie's blog is over?

    What will you do when you are finally disfellowshipped?

    What will you do when the WatchTower Tract Society corporation fails?

    How can WTS be "The Truth" before AND after it changes its teachings? Or did you happen to learn about the latest changes by reading the 7.15.13 Watchtower Study Edition?

    Please research the publishing business in which you're involved. You may consider visiting the following sites, and if you have already, it may be worth another visit:

    http://AAWA.co http://JWsurvey.org http://JWfacts.com

    1. What will you do when you realize you can't live up to your name Enoch?

      So your keeping abreast of the current literature and changes in understanding... For what? A timed return? And at that time you won't be behind? Great! Showoff! But you are a good one!

      Then again you were sleep when we read Jeremiah 23:20.... When did Jehovah say we would understand? Well I will start a school for you refugees? OK?

    2. Spell check *you're...

  27. Stephanie, I have seen how frustration it is to try to get in a conversation with a Witness without them resorting to a stream of irrationality and nonsense. Anonymous Coward's epic fail of citing the Genesis story is typical of what I have seen. I have never talked to any Witness that was qualified to explain the Genesis story in any meaningful way other than a platform to try and give credibility to their own myths and doctrines.

    That sounds like an incredible assertion, so I will let you listen for yourself. Witnesses (and the Watchtower) are their own worst enemies.


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Hi there. I know it can be difficult escaping a small pond. I hope you're able to find peace in your life. Don't live in the past. There are too many angry ex JWs who should be out living but who are stuck in their own bubble of hate. It's all a learning experience in the end.

  30. Yes ..... If after a session of paleontology 1o1 with a good archaeologist and you still believe there was an Adam and Eve then really isn't much hope for you !!
    " The late Mitchell Warrens" comment is a good one, our life experiences make us ultimately who we are and i look back at my time as a JW as a learning curve. If i hadn't served that time i wouldn't have met my now wife of thirty years, had 3 beautiful kids and three gorgeous grandkids that i love and adore and spoil rotten. My kids despite their grandmothers best efforts grew up with no fear of armageddon (BTW hows THAT working out for you "still in" JW`s?)Still happening any minute i guess!! Yeah well good luck with that ;) Stephanie, the pain DOES get less but they will NEVER let you forget. You just got to make the best of it. It really IS a good life when you rid your brain of that nonsense

  31. Did not paleontology 101 teach you that if you would have stayed in the truth you would have married some other wonderful woman and loved those children and grand children just as much if not more?

    Listen all you guys... This site was a dead draw before I spoke to THE HOST! WHY? Well, let's just say all of you are dead spiritually any way... Each and everyone of you were sent... That's right told, to come to her defence. Especially Mr.DL "please come meet me I promise I can't be handled".

    What is really sad is that all of you obeyed her.... But you wouldn't obey Jehovah... All of you are a bunch of robots with interchangeable programming and outdated at that.

    So besides my grammar and spelling errors which are a direct result of my device not knowing the difference between the proper use of similar and correct words understood to help direct persons in the right way... All of you are like my device.. That is why you left your inheritance...... For what? A bowl of Atheist soup.... Eulogies...

    1. The more of these comments I read the more i am reminded of why i left 27 yrs ago...even when my father held me by the throat up against a wall and threatened to kill me if I ever left the Kingdom hall...yes a man who aspires to be an elder and pioneers regularly tried to choke me and threatened to run me over with his car! ...good job JW's!! not to mention the sexual abuse i endured to men and women who are still part of the cult with high positions!! oh yes lets just focus on preaching what we don't do!

    2. Joel Bull ShitslingerSeptember 5, 2013 at 11:24 AM

      I can't speak for anyone else, but I came here out of my own free will. After reading about your unwarranted attacks on her, I was curious. After reading your idiotic diatribe, I was furious. Then I read the responses to your outrageous claims, and laughed my ass off. It was quite entertaining, much like a good movie. I desired to add my two cents, so I did. No one told me to. Then you resorted to the attacks of a first grader. And now I am greatly amused as everyone has put you in your place.
      By the way, you are confusing Paleontology (the study of ancient life) with predestination (the John Calvin doctrine that all events have been willed by God), which goes against JW doctrine.
      I wouldn't obey Jehovah, much like I wouldn't obey Zeus, Odin, Osiris or any other fictitious invisible sky daddy. I grew up and stopped believing in fairy tales when I was a teenager.
      The more I studied Watchtower publications, the more I realized the Governing body was making it up as they went along. And now they are caught between a rock and a hard place. Diminishing membership, Courtroom losses because of their failed doctrines, Countries cracking down on them, the general populace realizing that it's a dangerous cult, etc. What has been the Governing Body's response... Selling off their largest assets, changing doctrine in an attempt to keep dwindling membership, telling the congregations to do what they say without question or thought, etc. This sounds to me like the GB-8 are about to bail to a country without extradition with several million dollars with their final message to the elders being, "serve the Kool-aid now!"
      I'm hoping that my relatives who are still in the cult are smart enough to wake up and not drink. But at least I can say I tried to save them... and you.

    3. Joel Bull ShitslingerSeptember 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM

      Oh and By the Way, I am an excellent cook and create some really delicious entrées. You have inspired me. I feel like I shall create Apostate soup.
      I'll be sure to send some to your funeral. Then your friends can eulogize about how tasty it is and how bitter you were. :)

    4. AC,

      I have never obeyed Stephanie OR Jehovah, for the simple reason that neither of them have ever asked me to do anything.

      The Watchtower is another story: it has asked for obedience in the sacrificing of the lives of our children and other family members. I am happy to say that I've learned to disobey them: following the only moral choice.

      When I see someone maliciously attacked, as you have done to Stephanie, my reaction is to defend them. It's human nature. I'm sure this comes as a shock to you, given your situation, but we--who have left the organization--no longer need to be "told" what is the right thing to do.

      I was not "dead" before you came along, and neither was this site. We have had intelligent conversations here before (in contradistinction to this one you have started and seem to feel so superior in regards to.)

      You wrote that we are "a bunch of robots with interchangeable programming and outdated at that." Coming from an active Jehovah's Witness that is just as ironic as the Watchtower calling us liars.

      Finally, you said: "So besides my grammar and spelling errors which are a direct result of my device not knowing the difference between the proper use of similar and correct words understood to help direct persons in the right way... All of you are like my device."

      That makes little to no sense. In the first place, a spelling and grammar checker would not cause the errors you have made, nor could it even correct some of them. For example, the 'sentence:' "You the one making many mistakes.." passes my grammar checker, despite being ungrammatical.

      I write computer programs for a living so I know from 30+ years of first-hand experience that software can only do so much: there has to be some education on the other end, guiding those typing fingers. Otherwise the "device" does not have enough to work with.

      In the second place, how are we all "like your device"? Is it that we try to correct your errors but can't keep you from repeatedly making them--because that requires some intelligence on your end to heed our advice? In that case, I think your analogy is very apropos!

  32. Anonymous you are most likely a elder and you need to fuck off and leave her alone you know the truth about your freemason satan worshiping fucked up High Control Religious Cult I used to be a JW Witness And Now I know the truth and my mom is still a fucked up witness controlled slave and always is telling me that I need to come back your fucking Satanic Prophesies didn't come true so give up you don't have truth you have only what Satans wants you to have why don't you read books other than the Fucked Up WTS gives you too read your WTS is going to be destroyed oh and I love that you call your new head courters new world head courters you guys are so involved with satans new world order and you know it so quit before one of these days your one prophecie will come true the one where you guys say that when you are being destroyed you the destroyers are touching the not real Jehovah and you guys taught worship of jesus and taught jesus was GOD all the way up until the 1950's so I know what ever filth comes out of your mouth is a lie.

  33. Thank you, Stephanie, for another great posting! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

    And thank you, Anonymous Coward, for inadvertently reminding me of just how "mentally diseased," incredibly stupid, immature, judgmental, and hateful some of the followers of the Watchtower religion can become.

    I think that before you call someone else a "hypocrite" it's a good idea to examine your own actions. A hypocrite is one who claims to believe something--or to adhere to a rule--but then acts in a way contrary to that belief or against that rule. Here you are--defending an organization that orders you not to comment on apostate blogs--in a comment on an apostate blog!

    The organization you would have us return to is so restrictive that it would even make this discussion you have started impossible. So, no matter what you say here in favor of the organization, it cannot be convincing. It would be similar to writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper arguing that letters to the editor should be abolished.

    AC, your attitude spurs me on to continue my own "apostate" blogging; to try to save some from the sort of mental anguish that has obviously driven your comments here. Life is much better without harboring the hatred you manifest.

  34. This is brilliant! I am beyond speechless at your courage, your words, your strength. I have so much to say but not sure how... The best VERY best thing you said, to me, and I read it 1000 times was... "My mother has no idea what love is. She is living under the Watch Tower mandated affection with conditions" WOW you hit the nail on the head with this comment..
    I am so intrigured I cannot wait to be more familiar with your writings and to share my story with you.

  35. Anonymous coward pretty much sums it up. Some of us have to remain anonymous because of fear of losing our friends, family and others simply because we now think differently about the religion of our youth, and some CHOSE to remain anonymous so they can throw slights without repercussion.

    Shame on you anonymous coward. The funny thing is, if one day you came to your senses, realized the "truth" does not honor God or his word....the writer of this blog would probably be loving and understanding to you. Its because she realizes that you, like many of us, were in a high control group, and while may have been somewhat intelligent, chose to let 8 men in New York, think for you. That is a shame. The holes in key doctrine (blood, 1914, the slave classes role, and more), are just too big to ignore and stick you your head in the sand about. But since you aren't even allowed to consider real dissenting views or do research out of approved literature, you can't even properly make up your own mind.

    I understand you. It feels like defending your beliefs to be here. But it isn't. You haven't offered anything but a personal criticism without any merit or direction. The organization strikes right at the fabric of our lives and society.....the family. And they are so insidious that they actually blame the person they are shunning, for not being around. Its just plain evil. One day you may see it, and the people you now vilify, will be here for you for support. That I can assure you anonymous coward.

  36. Hey Steph, everyone keeps referring to anonymous as a female. I believe that anonymous is actually male! I think you know who he is! The way he writes looks way familiar. If my assumptions are right then this person has the same blood running through his veins that you do. And if this is true then he should remember that when he points the finger there are 3 pointing back at him.

  37. Stephanie, I enjoyed this post. (I found it through the exjw fb page.) It sounds like the story of my life. Child at 19, and so on. For awhile I thought my elders were the only perverts who asked what positions we did it in and if I enjoyed it. I was so disturbed to find out that it's a regular interrogation practice.

    I'm 17 years free of the brain-sucking droids, yet I still find it astonishing that so much nonsense is believed, and spread, by these people. I've stayed away from blogs and forums by ex-jdubs for a long time because I can't stand the idiots they attract. I don't want to argue with uneducated people about why I left. But this post, and the comments after, made me laugh. I had to stop after reading, who do you think created science? I almost spit coffee through my nose.

    Thanks for this post!

  38. Hello friendly and not so friendly posters.
    I'd really like to say that I enjoyed reading all of the replies, but some of them are a bit disturbing.
    As children, we see the world with new eyes and are guided by the loving hands of our parents. Our parent's views are based off life experience and, well, what their parents taught them.

    December 25th. Christmas. My son believes in Santa Claus. Not because I told him that he is real, it is because all the other kids around him talk about him. Sure, I say, "Be Good or Santa won't get you a gift" for my own means.
    So, he tries to be as good as possible for as long as possible. We are talking about the immediately following next 10 minutes.

    Now, I wouldn't want other kids telling him he is stupid because he believes, just as I would want him telling other kids they are stupid because they don't believe.

    The most disturbing thing is seeing that someone who may possibly know the Original Poster attack them in their own forum. If you don't see putting personal details about their life out there as an attack, I would really like you to sit back and think how it would feel if the shoe were on the other foot.
    I won't draw out my personal feelings on this, I am putting it out there that we really know nothing of the external world because we don't really know ourselves as well as we propose that we do.
    All things will be revealed.....or....maybe the lights will just go out.
    In the meantime, I'll continue to support good people and allow them to use their experiences as a platform to help those of like mind. There is a place for all of us in the world and enough room that we don't have wave our hater flag and our foam finger. Which finger? Use your imagination.

    1. AKA Phil,

      Your son is not "stupid" for believing in Santa Claus: he is misinformed. Personally, I don't agree with lying to children or to gullible people who are looking for direction in their lives. I would rather they knew the truth, then let them make up their own minds what they will believe.

      As a child, I felt hurt when I finally figured out that Santa was a myth. I accused my parents of having lied to me. I felt cheated by them; they were supposed to be helping me form my world-view in accordance with reality--instead, I felt they had set me back a few years. I had thought that the world was small enough to permit one man to visit each house in a night, etc.

      I also felt cheated when I discovered the truth about the Watchtower organization. I had lost several years in which my world-view had been distorted beyond recognition.

      It's a nice sentiment to feel that there is room for all sorts of views in this world. But when a view leads to fatal consequences and to shunning family members and to hatred (as evinced by AC's posts) then I think it's our duty to speak out against such views and point out their flaws. In doing this, I never focus on Witnesses or call then "stupid" for their beliefs; that would be calling myself stupid, since I once believed as they. They are victims of a mind-controlling cult who need our help. Apostates, as a rule, try to help them out of love. However, when Witnesses launch personal attacks I think it is proper to point out the stupidity being displayed.

  39. I agree, but others may not.
    I in no way meant to suggest that my son is stupid so if he reads this later in life and decides to put me into a nursing home, I'll understand and still love him while gagging down creamed corn.

    The poet in me is inspired.
    A haiku of what I meant

    We live in a house
    Storms make the windows dirty
    Go Outside and Wash

  40. Hi Stephanie, I always enjoy your posts. Thank you, keep it up.
    As an English teacher I can't read AC's posts without... being... distracted... by ... oh... I ... forget ... now! sigh

    On a sober note, Stephanie, your response was smart and respectful.

    x Amie

  41. Gargamel on another forum :)September 8, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    Hi Stephanie.
    I've figured it out.
    Anonymous Coward is the last surviving neanderthal and is getting a bit lonely.
    What the hell do I care? I've been out 40 (not a typo) years so am seriously mentally diseased :) . Trust me, it took guts to leave 2 years before the battle of imadeadun when there was no internet with which to do research.
    It is a beautiful thing that you bring up your children with a spirit of open-mindedness.

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest Anonymous Coward's arsehole.

  42. Gargamel on another forum :)September 8, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    Hi Stephanie.
    I've figured it out.
    Anonymous Coward is the last surviving neanderthal and is getting a bit lonely.
    What the hell do I care? I've been out 40 (not a typo) years so am seriously mentally diseased :) . Trust me, it took guts to leave 2 years before the battle of imadeadun when there was no internet with which to do research.
    It is a beautiful thing that you bring up your children with a spirit of open-mindedness.

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest Anonymous Coward's arsehole.

  43. Well done Stephanie, you beautifully tore 'her' a new asshole 40 inches in diameter :-D Well done for a 'mentally diseased person'

  44. The watch Tower is destroying families. And even people that were never ever Jehovah's Witnesses are realizing this.

    1. AGREED! Any religion that tells a person they cant have anything to do with their family just because they are not or no longer want to be a Witness is a CULT plain and simple. NO GOD, no TRUE God would ever put those burdens and restrictions on his people. My family is so torn apart that I dont beleive we will ever be able to be together again... :(

  45. Hi! My name is Kylee. all i can say is OMG! I couldn't even read all the posts (not enough time on my hands right now)-had to scroll down and say BRAVO!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so proud of you, Stephanie! It took me 3x before I could finally cut the cord. The most terrifying was feeling alone and knowing that I would die at Armageddon. However, my real AHA moment was what I discovered at the District Assemblies in Mexico, where I had moved to from Canada. I had never seen such recruiting going on for the Bethel - the hopes of many young men to go the USA - as I had seen there. It was horrible. All my life, I had read those Yearbook stories of amazing experiences by JW in Mexico and in other lands and how they went thru jungles and traveled by foot to get to these assemblies, and how those brothers would not take "spiritual food" for granted and "you could hear a pin drop during the session." BULLSHIT!!!!!! It was worse than Canadian or American Assemblies. During the session, families would still be talking in the halls like everywhere else, no pin-drop moments! I was floored. That was my last assembly. Then the elders came over, for a shepherding call, and during the visit, they asked my son Tristan if he would like to join the Theocratic Ministry School and my son said no. Then one of the elders replied: it would improve your relationship with Jehovah. To that, Tristan, 10 years old at the time,said: how do you know what my relationship with Jehovah is like? THE LIGHTS WENT ON FOR ME! Done! we never went back. And since then, it has been an uphill battle of undoing all my core beliefs and what a blessing it has been -freedom! Now, 10 years later, I still struggle with the conditional love factor. What an undoing of the brainwashing! To have been raised with judgment and conditions revolving love has been crippling and has affected all of my relationships. Now, i have the love of my life with me - the one that I lost my virginity with at 16. The one that my parents stopped me from being with, 23 years ago - they moved me to the other end of the country. Joke is on them! He has helped me and continues to help me rediscover the infinite abundance in unconditional love. Thank you for having the courage for you and for your family - BRAVO!
    ps I guess the most frustrating is having family that are still in it and that can't see the real truth: GOD IS LOVE. LOVE that's it!
    have you read the article in waking times: forbidden legacy of a fallen race? it goes deep into the myth of Adam and Eve, Nephalim, etc. -you'll enjoy!

    1. Hi Kylee! Thank you for the comment! :)

      No I haven't read that article, but I would LOVE to! Do you have a link?

    2. http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/06/08/the-forbidden-legacy-of-a-fallen-race/

      enjoy! xo

  46. Hey Steph. Great commentary (again), whoever this "Coward" was is more drama-addict than JW-kool aid gulper. I remember sisters like these back when I was attending, and sad to say a few brothers who equated peeking in someone's bedroom-figuratively or literally-with doing God's will. Her's was strong enough to come to your site in spite of knowing the organization suggests strongly against it. Hell when I was attending meetings I was afraid to even pick up the Ray Franz books, much less debate with an "Apostate." Keep the information coming.

  47. Dearest Stephanie, you are brilliant and an inspiration to me.
    After 20 years of being part of the machine/cult I took a cold shower and woke myself up.
    I have so many words, yet am unable to express them due to frustration, shock and disbelief of what has come to light!!!! ha ha ha. Be well, don't let the bastards get you down.
    Love from Jax down Under!

  48. Hi Stephanie, I admire your courage and your convictions.
    You might find this hard to believe but who is writing here
    on your blog was an elder for 15 years in the corporation.

    I like you began to have many doubts and alot of things
    began to bother me.

    What did it for me was needing two witnesses when a child
    was molested.
    I just could not continue knowing that this kept happening
    over and over again.
    I saw in your youtube video that this happened to you, I can, t
    tell you how sorry I am that you had to go through that horrible
    I felt compelled to write to you and your reader's to confirm like
    you have said you are not alone.
    I was in the cult for 30 years and 15 of those as an elder.
    My family and I are completely out of this horrible cult now.
    I regret so much not leaving so much sooner but I have to live
    with that.
    I hope that with these words I can help others to not be afraid
    you are not alone.
    As you can imagine I have alot more to say about what I experienced in the corporation.
    I would love to keep in touch and perhaps communicate with you
    in some other way if possible.
    I just want to let you know that in me you have a real friend.
    And please don't let anyone put you down.
    I think you are an amazing person with a great heart.
    I wish you and your family the very best always.

    Your New And True Friend

    John Fern

  49. This year the Jehovah’s Witnesses are getting a serious wake-up call.
    Never before in the history of apostasy has there been a plan like this. Apostates are going to dress up clean shaven and in suit and tie pretending to be JWs outside of district conventions ( regional assemblies,etc.- whatever they are called now) everywhere this year, facing worldly passersby and vehemently defending the Watchtower against any “worldly” people that may get in our face as we hold up our signs.
    The signs I like best are the ones that say “Blood transfusions are the work of Satan! Anybody that receives a blood transfusion will not inherit Jehovah’s Kingdom!” and “Jehovah’s day of wrath is imminent! He will kill you and the buzzards will eat your flesh unless you become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” We will also carry watchtower publications that back up these statements. For example from the Watchtower publication, Worldwide Security under the Prince of Peace p 159 we read:
    “those slaughtered at Armageddon will not be laid in graves with markers to memorialize them.
    Birds of every sort and beasts of the field will share in the benefits of God’s triumph and at the same time ,help cleanse the earth of the many carcasses that will lie strewed upon the ground like fertilizer, unlamented, unburied, abhorred by the survivors’
    The bottom line is Jehovah’s Witnesses really believe these things. I recall on plenty of occasions when going from door to door with pioneers, a householder would be opposed and upon returning to the car, the pioneer would say , “that person is buzzard bait”. You see, JWs like to sugar coat Watchtower doctrine to newly associating ones. Becoming a JW is a persuasive process that requires time. If the doctrine was offered in the raw to everyone they meet, there would be a shock factor and fewer would join.
    This is what we plan to do – offer the world JW doctrine in the raw. Give the shock factor. There is nothing dishonest about this. Unlike the laughable attempts by apostates in the past, this plan will have the desired effect. With an organization that takes vain pride in itself and its appearance, this will not be taken lightly by the Watchtower. Ask yourself- Has the Watchtower ever tried to put a stop to evangelists or apostates attempting to engage with JWs outside of conventions? Of course not!. The presence of opposers at the conventions actually fires up the JW persecution complex and strengthens the JWs resolve that they have the truth. Will the Watchtower try to thwart our efforts? You betcha! No doubt, the Watchtower already knows about our plan, and is taking action against it, but if we remain diligent this will be a success! With help from JW insiders we are hoping to soon have copies of this years convention badges. This will make us look authentic. We welcome all Ex-witnesses everywhere to participate in this plan whether in groups or independently and encourage you to make your own catchy signs just as long as they are neat and have actual offensive JW doctrine. Make sure to dress neatly in suit and tie and be well groomed. Remember, we’re not going to attack or argue with JWs. We are going to act like we are JWs!
    ALSO, holding these signs directed at worldly passersby is bound to stir up angry emotions from the worldly ones against JWs and the Watchtower. We are expecting that! So if any worldly person gets in our face, we are going to verbally defend the Watchtower as the one and only true religion and shout right back at them! This is gonna be a load of fun…spread the word…be there!

  50. Thank you for the effort to parcel out and respond to what looks like a very standard sort of script. I'm not going to read through the comments. Although I should, I've run out of energy and it's hard for me to imagine how you had the stamina to rebut this communication the way that you have. Outside of anything else then, congratulations on being to a place in yourself and your life where you have the ability to do it do well, so honestly and so directly. Bravo.