Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm a Human Apostate--and so are YOU!

My thoughts about the talk that is being given at the 2013 "God's Word is Truth" District Convention.  It's absolutely ridiculous, desperate, and just sad... and this is why. 


  1. I admire you, dear Stephanie! Me and my wife send you our respect and wish you the best for your efforts.

  2. Stephanie,

    I LOVE this video, and I love YOU for taking this stand and articulating what is in the hearts of so many. I wish every Jehovah's Witness would watch this. You said it all: "Live an authentic life!"

    As a fellow apostate I am enraged by those expert liars calling us liars and insincere. BTW: I asked my wife if I was "unruly," she just laughed.

    This talk should've been entitled: "Prejudice, the Witness Way!" They are lumping all apostates into the same convenient box labeled "wicked deceivers." Some apostates are devout Christians, but no: according to the Watchtower they are anti-Christ!

    The talk would be really funny -- if only the Watchtower followers didn't believe it. If I were still a Witness I know that I would begin to wonder why the Watchtower feels the need to go so ridiculously overboard in painting apostates as so extremely wicked. It should be becoming obvious, even to the brainwashed, that the Watchtower is deathly afraid of having their followers hear what apostates have to say, because what apostates have to say is true, and will bury them.

    Stephanie, you've motivated me to write my own blog about this particular talk: thanks for the excerpts; they've set my blood a-boiling!

    1. Thank you SO much! Even though the Watchtower tells them that "independent thinking" is also demonic...I can only hope that some JWs see it and just begin to THINK. That's all I want.

      Thanks so much for the kind words, and yes! PLEASE write a blog about the talk. I can't wait to read it!

  3. Hi Stephanie.Thanks for this information!! Such an eye opener. The next time i get a knock at the door from the JWs, i will be inviting them in for a discussion regarding apostates! May even try to get them to watch your video?! Im sure they will not be knocking my door again after their visit. Keep your head up. And i hope your family see sense one day!? Take care x

    1. Aw thank you so much! I would be curious to see what they'd have to say about that.

  4. Hello Stephanie. Very impressed with your video. My wife and I recently left the org because we also could no longer tolerate the lies and abuses that go unchecked. We can feel your pain and we commend your courage.

    May I have your permission to post your video where possible (in its entirety) along with a link back to your blog (crediting source and author) on some of the jw related sites out there that are trying to address this subject in a positive way? I think it will do a lot of good. If you agree, I will post back to you with information so you can monitor location and feedback if you like.

    So sorry about your family relations. You are so right when you say it is not the ones like us that cause division, it is the WTS. Thankfully you are still young. By the time some older jw's wake up it's all but over for them. Live your life, it's the only one you have!

    Pushing TTATT

    1. Thank you so much for the support!!

  5. Hi again Stephanie. Posted your video on Hers is a link to the thread.

    I invite you to grab an avitar and come on over. We would love to have you with us. We're a good group, with a wide range of topics and some deep stuff as well. Great support and brain storming. I post under user name SeventhSojourn.

    Thanks again for making this video and getting it out there.

    1. Thanks so much! I actually just found out about that site 2 days ago. I just joined yesterday as ApostateChick. :)

  6. Hi, I found your blog and this video via a link on the jehovah's witness recovery forum (

    Like you, I'm an ex jw who simply made the conscientious decision to walk away from the wt. My mother and stepfather will be in the audience at one of these conventions, hearing this talk and having the ideas reinforced in their minds that I am somehow dangerous to their spiritual health, even though I have never told them any negative thoughts about wt teachings. My children, ages 3, 5 and 7, haven't seen their grandparents in 2 years, and thanks to talks like this, as well as constantly repeated warnings in their publications, they will probably never see them again. It's despicable that the wt forces the breakup of families.

    I grew up jw and remained one until I turned 40, when I finally had the courage to do my own critical thinking and decide once and for all that I don't believe their teachings. The emotional manipulation that they use on their members is very powerful. Witnesses are constantly fed the idea that their love of jehovah and their loyalty to the governing body are much more important than the natural love that exists between parents and children, or siblings, or any other natural human bonds. Then the wt uses name calling and slander to categorically condemn anyone who leaves the religion. We are all called mentally diseased. We are all dangerous. We all seek to infect our jw family members with our demonic mental poison. The jw's are told that they MUST show loyalty to jehovah and the governing body by completely shunning us.

    Thus, children like mine will grow up without knowing their grandparents. My oldest is 7, and he is the only one of the three who has memories of spending time with his grandparents. From time to time, he asks when they will come back. We have answered him the best way we know how, but his young mind can't understand the situation.

    The best I can hope for is just that jw's will continue to find blogs like yours, or any of the numerous forums, blogs, videos and webpages written by ex witnesses. Through reading our experiences, I just hope that more witnesses will open their eyes and realize that they are being controlled and manipulated by a destructive cult. Getting out is not easy... all of us who did it know just how difficult it is to walk away from their mind control. But change in the wt won't come from the top down, it will only come as more jw's walk away. The gb will continue to fight against free thinking with a constant drumbeat of talks and articles with these dire and concocted warnings.

  7. Hi Stephanie, i saw your video on jw recovery, so sorry to hear about your poor situation all brought about by this destructive cult.
    I too have managed to rscape along with my wife and 2 children. My mother and rest of the family will be attending the convention next weekend where they will be subjected to the talk you part posted, i am very worried as to how they are all going to treat me and my family once they have been further brainwashed next weekend.
    So thanks for your video i hope it manages to get through to some people and make them start to use their own thinking abilities. Tizzy.

  8. Video 14:10 - 14:20
    "Avoiding apostates means we will not allow them into our homes, reading their literature, watching TV programs that feature them, examining their websites..."

    jw org website FAQ "Do you ban certain movies, books or songs?"
    Answer: No... Outside the family, no one is authorized to ban specific films, songs or artists as being unacceptable".

    What's the difference between these two statements?
    The first was meant only for JW's, to keep control of what they watch and read.
    The second is meant for the general public, to paint a picture of tolerance and normality.

    This is the standard JW mode of operation.

  9. Hi Stephanie
    I was told that apostates were so powerful that even reading a sentence of their words would creep into your mind and plant seeds of doubt. Now I can see that the continual frightening of the 'society' is part of the language used t indoctrinate, it frightens, it heightens emotions, it tells you that you can't think for yourself, and that ultimately a little drop of Satan is bigger than the eternity of Jehovah.
    That's frightening.
    'Live an authentic life' your quote- I love it!!

    x Amie

  10. Hey, just watched your YT video, I was born into a Witness family, I truly still love many people that are still apart of the Org,

    You know CT Russell would be viewed as apostate if he was still alive today, the WTB&TS leadership likes using loaded words, eg: "Apostates"

  11. Stephanie, I didn't watch the whole video. I'm curious about one thing: you grew up in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses, right? Well, i think you don't want to be in that religion anymore. Why not focuss on your life instead of writing on this blog. Get on with your life instead of taking too much time writing in here. Let it go. What a waiste of time.

  12. It isn't a waste of time because there are people coming out of the organization that are pretty isolated by the shunning and have no "worldly" friends. These blogs and videos are helping people like ME to keep going on living a life trying to learn how to be normal. I don't think helping people to not feel so alone is wasteful. I am worth her time. Keep it up Stephanie, reaching out is so loving. Haters just be hating, lol.

  13. This year the Jehovah’s Witnesses are getting a serious wake-up call.
    Never before in the history of apostasy has there been a plan like this. Apostates are going to dress up clean shaven and in suit and tie pretending to be JWs outside of district conventions ( regional assemblies,etc.- whatever they are called now) everywhere this year, facing worldly passersby and vehemently defending the Watchtower against any “worldly” people that may get in our face as we hold up our signs.
    The signs I like best are the ones that say “Blood transfusions are the work of Satan! Anybody that receives a blood transfusion will not inherit Jehovah’s Kingdom!” and “Jehovah’s day of wrath is imminent! He will kill you and the buzzards will eat your flesh unless you become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” We will also carry watchtower publications that back up these statements. For example from the Watchtower publication, Worldwide Security under the Prince of Peace p 159 we read:
    “those slaughtered at Armageddon will not be laid in graves with markers to memorialize them.
    Birds of every sort and beasts of the field will share in the benefits of God’s triumph and at the same time ,help cleanse the earth of the many carcasses that will lie strewed upon the ground like fertilizer, unlamented, unburied, abhorred by the survivors’
    The bottom line is Jehovah’s Witnesses really believe these things. I recall on plenty of occasions when going from door to door with pioneers, a householder would be opposed and upon returning to the car, the pioneer would say , “that person is buzzard bait”. You see, JWs like to sugar coat Watchtower doctrine to newly associating ones. Becoming a JW is a persuasive process that requires time. If the doctrine was offered in the raw to everyone they meet, there would be a shock factor and fewer would join.
    This is what we plan to do – offer the world JW doctrine in the raw. Give the shock factor. There is nothing dishonest about this. Unlike the laughable attempts by apostates in the past, this plan will have the desired effect. With an organization that takes vain pride in itself and its appearance, this will not be taken lightly by the Watchtower. Ask yourself- Has the Watchtower ever tried to put a stop to evangelists or apostates attempting to engage with JWs outside of conventions? Of course not!. The presence of opposers at the conventions actually fires up the JW persecution complex and strengthens the JWs resolve that they have the truth. Will the Watchtower try to thwart our efforts? You betcha! No doubt, the Watchtower already knows about our plan, and is taking action against it, but if we remain diligent this will be a success! With help from JW insiders we are hoping to soon have copies of this years convention badges. This will make us look authentic. We welcome all Ex-witnesses everywhere to participate in this plan whether in groups or independently and encourage you to make your own catchy signs just as long as they are neat and have actual offensive JW doctrine. Make sure to dress neatly in suit and tie and be well groomed. Remember, we’re not going to attack or argue with JWs. We are going to act like we are JWs!
    ALSO, holding these signs directed at worldly passersby is bound to stir up angry emotions from the worldly ones against JWs and the Watchtower. We are expecting that! So if any worldly person gets in our face, we are going to verbally defend the Watchtower as the one and only true religion and shout right back at them! This is gonna be a load of fun…spread the word…be there!

  14. Stephanie,
    Well done. The issue of conveniently denying their past is not relegated to the issue of support to Hitler. Another chronic denial centers on the issue of 1975 and Armageddon. "We never said that." - I cannot count the number of times I heard that growing up. Yet only after my departure from the "borg" in 1999 did I actually see the 1968 Awake article that clearly defined 1975 as being when God would destroy this "system of things." That was the nail in the coffin. I had already reached out to my disfellowshipped brother, and against my parents' wishes, remade contact with him. Shortly thereafter, I began my college education. In the midst of my classes, I did a speech on that experience. My father stated, "he is making statements equivalent to that of an apostate."
    I brushed that off, and in fact took it as a complement. Fast forward a few years, and my father confided in me that as an elder he could no longer take it. Being weighted down with all the dirty secrets (of which I can only imagine) of all the "brothers and sisters." Now, we are all out. Have hope. You miss your mother; she may see the real light some day.
    Epilogue: I have continued my schooling, and I am half-way through my doctorate degree. I much prefer having Dr. in front of my name than "Brother."
    A fellow apostate